Milton Keynes Facials

milton keynes facial

A Facial is one of the most effective ways to look after your skin. It nourishes, cleans and exfoliates improving skin hydration and helping your skin to look younger. When you look great, you feel great.

No wonder a Facial is one of the most popular beauty therapies.

Why have a Facial?

It’s not just about looking great. Many of Lorraine’s clients have facials for different reasons:

  • Taking good care of your skin
  • Looking younger
  • Confidence – we all feel more confident when we look good
  •  Professional advice – it is great to find out the truth from the hype
  • DIY only goes so far – some things you just can’t do at home
  • Service and peace of mind – Lorraine is a trained and fully insured beauty therapist so you can relax as you’re in good hands
  • A Treat – it’s some ‘You’ time, well deserved plus it’s good for you


 A Milton Keynes Facial with a difference

Lorraine creates a Facial treatment just for you and your skin. Each of us are individual and it is important to approach skincare with the same focus.

You will get a Facial designed to care for and enhance your skin, as well as on-going personal service so you will feel great knowing each Facial therapy helps you look your best and enrich your skin.

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